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Where it all starts

So, in your chosen career you are an expert. You've spent many, many years learning the intricacies of the subject that you now take for granted on a day-to-day basis.

Maybe you're a professional that had to pass a number of exams to get where you are, such as a dentist, nurse, IT consultant, primary school teacher or lecturer to name a few; or, maybe you work in an area that has rules and regulations that need to be learned and understood, such as health and safety, construction, social work, plumbing or electrical installation, one thing that all these careers have in common is the need to understand and retain facts.

The teaching of such subject matter is not something to be taken lightly, lecturers and teachers train for years to understand the best way to have students understand the principals and facts they need but, there is a way in which you can help. You can help people trying to progress in the same career as you by helping them understand their weaknesses. By building a set of questions that test a students' understanding of the facts, they, and you, can get an awareness for the depth of the students understanding of the subject.

Putting together a set of questions that do justice to you, the subject and the student is very time consuming and is, essentially, the result of years of experience and your hard work. Providing access to this wealth of knowledge can make a massive difference to the student's professional career development.

What we do to help

At the core of any potential exam package is the specialist knowledge bought to the table by the subject specialists, or as we term them, the exam authors. The building and distribution of an exam package does however, present a whole host of other considerations:

  • How can I build a physical package (CD and box)?
  • How can I supply a download package?
  • How do I build an exam that runs on all the different types of computers?
  • How can I build a website and web presence?
  • How will I take payments for the product?
  • How can I stop people from making illegal copies of the exam?

This is where the expertise of the examsoftware team comes into play. We can provide solutions to all the above issues.

Build a product

We can help you realise the product by building and hosting an e-commerce site to market and sell your product. We make it simple to take payments with the choice of PayPal or Google Checkout (or both) to accept credit cards for purchases. We maintain a fully automated download system that allows customers to purchase and receive the exam package 24 hours a day.

Our software, Athena Player, runs on all major platforms (Windows, MAC and Linux) and is in daily use at thousands of individual customer sites and at College's around the UK. It has built-in anti-piracy technology that prevents end users from installing the software illegally and protects your exam document (your questions) with military grade encryption. A full breakdown of the software's features can be found on the Athena Player product page.

Whats in it for us?

Examsoftware work in partnership with exam authors; we don't just sell them a piece of software and walk away, we work with the author from conception through to mature product and then continue to work with them until they decide to retire or withdraw the product.

What would you expect to pay for this service? Other companies charge thousands for the software alone, leaving you to deal with all the other problems listed above, so what will we charge you to build your product? Nothing. Not a penny.

Grow together

At examsoftware we don't charge the exam author to use our software, instead we charge for each of our services as a percentage of each exam sold. This demonstrates our commitment to the exam author as if they make no money, neither do we. This model works really well for our authors as it means a product can be built without the risk of expensive software purchases, costly website design and difficult payment processing integration.

A full list of our exam author services can be found on the Resellers Services page.

If you would like further information, please drop us an email, our address is