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We have two main types of customer; an individual (or company) that writes exam material and sells this to members of the public, we term these customers "Resellers"; and an institution (or company) that produces exam material for use within that establishment, for example, a College that tests it's students using
exam material produced by it's lecturers, we term these "Site Licensees".

Resellers Services

In short, "Resellers" produce exam material that is it be sold externally to the Reseller's company. This includes selling to individual members of the public and institutions via volume license agreements.

We offer a number of services to Resellers, full details of which can be found on the Resellers Services page.

Site Licensee Services

A "Site Licensee" produces exam material that is to be used internally within the company or institution. For example, a college may want to build their own exam configurations - of which there may be many - and use them internally to test their students.

Under this licensing scheme, a fee is paid for each "seat" (or computer that will run the Athena Player software), and any number of exams can be used on those computers.

The amount you pay per seat depends on the number of seats you want to purchase, for further information, please email our