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Software designed to aid student learning, and help prepare for the exam ahead

The premise behind Athena was to build an application that could be used to help students prepare for a computer based, multiple choice exam, similar to those used by colleges and exam testing centres.

Athena Player

The "Player" component is the software that runs on the end user's computer, in our case, students. The software runs as an installed application on Windows and Macintosh computers, as well as a web application (compatible with the majority of modern browsers) and is touch optimised for use with all modern tablets and mobile phones.

The software has two different modes of operation designed to help the student in different ways - practice mode and exam/test mode.

Athena Player

In 'practice' mode, the student can select the type of questions they would like to answer from the categories provided in the exam configuration. Whilst in this mode the student is not timed and can get a little extra help through a 'hint'. Running in this mode acts as a revision aid as the student can study the question, refer to any learning material and build on their understanding of the subject.

In 'exam' mode, The student answers questions under exam conditions; they are timed and no help is provided. Running the software in this manner allows the student to get experience of answering questions in a time critical environment. The flag and review facility can be used to build exam strategies to improve their performance.

After the exam is complete, analysis of the student's performance is provided in the form of a graph and a report. The graph shows the percentage of answers correct in each category while the report lists all the questions the student had to answer, along with the correct answer if they got it wrong.

For a full list of features, take a look at our Software Features page, or take a look at some screenshots