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Athena Player Demo

We think the best way to see our software in action is to see some of the products our clients have created. A number of our clients provide free trials or full packages that show the software in production quality state, a list of these can be found below.

Please feel free to install and use the software as much as you please, and if you would like to visit their websites and purchase some of their products, I'm sure they wouldn't mind that either!

Name Description Website Download

Mathematics Year 4 (Full product)
A revision package for parents and teachers to help understand the strengths and weaknesses of the pupils mathematics skills. Online/Device friendly
PC/Mac desktop installation

City and Guilds 2330-201 (Full product)
The C&G2330-201 forms part of the Certificate in Electrotechnology at Level 2 (Stage 1). It is the first exam that you will take and covers Health and Safety, technical information and specialisms within the industry. The software contains over 120 Exam Practice Questions to help you achieve on this unit. Online/Device friendly
PC/Mac desktop installation

Java Exam Level 1 (Trial)
A revision package for those wanting to assess someones Java skills. It could be a company looking to recruit Java developers wanting to standardise their test; or an individual preparing for certification that wants to identify their weaknesses. Online/Device friendly
PC/Mac desktop installation