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Helping subject specialists build and distribute revision packages to help students prepare for their exam

Service Summary

Examsoftware is closing up shop. We've decided to refocus our energy into other endeavours, so we are closing Examsoftware. We will continue to offer support for 12 months, taking the official closed date to 31/03/2019. A big thanks to all our customers, its been a blast!

Who Are We?

We are a software and services company that help subject matter experts build exam and revision packages for sale to education institutions, companies or to the general public.

What Do We Do?

Working together

We work closely with experts in a given field to convert their knowledge into a software package that students can use to gauge their understanding of the subject, in preparation for an exam. We can provide a comprehensive service that includes construction and maintenance of a company and eCommerce website, integrate with payment collection systems and manage the distribution of the final product.

How Can We Benefit You?

Make money from software

The subject matter experts (exam authors to us) that we partner with gain real financial benefit from the packages built on their substantial expertise in their field. Students can purchase the resulting product in a number of ways (typically on CD or via download) and gain valuable insight into their knowledge of the subject - a win/win for both the author and the student.

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